20 Benefits of Walking 30 Minutes a Day

May 6, 2019


The evidence is clear…regular exercise (of any kind) promotes health and longevity. So why not keep it as simple as possible? 




And how much do you need? 


Studies have shown that just 30 minutes a day can produce these physiological changes and benefits in the body. 


  1. Reduces risk of heart disease

  2. Decreases overall pain levels

  3. Increases your energy levels

  4. Maintains a healthy metabolic system (important if you’re trying to lose weight)

  5. Boosts your mood

  6. Improves circulation to all aspects of your body

  7. Improves joint integrity, health and posture

  8. Helps reduce anxiety and depression

  9. Increases lung function and ease of breathing

  10. Allows you more access to the world’s best source of vitamin D (the sun!)

  11. Reduces your risk of certain cancers

  12. Improves quality of restorative sleep

  13. Reduces your chance of developing type 2 diabetes

  14. Improves blood pressure

  15. Is an act of self care

  16. Improves proprioception, coordination and balance

  17. Sparks creativity and mindfulness

  18. Improves muscular strength and bone mineral density

  19. Helps boost your immune system

  20. Improves your overall quality and enjoyment of life


Walking is definitely not as trendy or intense as running a marathon, joining a CrossFit gym or completing a Tough Mudder race but it’s truly incredible how something seemingly “small” can have a great impact on your overall health.

Need ideas on helping your children walk more? Click here.


Make it a great week,


-Dr. Jenna



Thank you to Believe Perform for the ideas behind this article.





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