Here Comes The Flu

December 19, 2017


Here comes the flu…


Regardless of how strong this year’s influenza virus is or isn’t, the most important determinant as to who contracts the flu is how well someone adapts.


A strong immune system is much more important than simply being exposed to the influenza virus. Here are 4 ways to bulletproof your immune system this season:


1. Take your probiotics


Immune system function is dependent on the harmony of your gut bacteria. When the good guys and bad guys fall out of sync, your immune system gets suppressed and your defenses become suppressed. Probiotics come in supplement form but are naturally occurring in fermented foods.


2. Avoid sugar


As we're in the middle of the holiday season, sugar consumption is at an all time high. Sugar is not only nutrient poor but also drives inflammation which reduces white blood cell function, causing the immune system to plummet.


3. Get more sleep


A good night’s sleep goes a long way, probably even further than you expect. Without adequate rest and recovery, immune cells drop and inflammation goes up.



4. Maintain sufficient vitamin D levels


Adequate vitamin D levels play a significant role in immunology and most Canadians are deficient as we head into the winter. If you’re unable to get 20 minutes of mid-day sun exposure (without sunscreen during non winter months) it’s best to supplement with vitamin D at 35 IU’s per pound of body weight. The best way to know how sufficient your vitamin D levels are is to have your blood levels tested is always a better test than guessing.


Regardless of your personal opinion on the flu and how to protect yourself, there’s nothing personal about contracting it. Influenza is primarily a problem of immune system deficiency vs. just simple exposure to the virus.


If you have any questions or need help implementing any of the steps above comment below. I'd be happy to help.



-Dr. Jenna




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