How To Make Your Resolutions Real

December 28, 2017



What's the difference between a dream and a vision?


It’s a plan.


As the New Year arrives there are millions who dream of weight loss, financial abundance and healthier relationships but as always (and unfortunately), many will never make that dream a reality. Those who do will reap the rewards brought about by investing the time, energy and money required and the rest will be subject to repeat the same hopes and wishes the following year.


To ensure you’re living life all out, follow these 5 steps.



1. Overcome Inertia


One of the most difficult components of change is getting started. As we all know, objects at rest have a tendency to stay at rest and the quickest and easiest way to get “unstuck” is to take action. Even the smallest step in the right direction can be enough to start your positive momentum and the good news is once you begin…it will be tough to stop you!



2. Have a Plan


When it comes to attaining incredible health, it's not as complicated as the internet leads us to believe. As a species, we have basic requirements for health, and once those are met, we're left with a body that feels and functions at it's best.


The only caveat with your plan is to make sure it’s correct and that it’s a plan that works. There are many quick fix programs waiting for you, but just remember, long lasting change takes time, effort and energy.



3. Progress, Not Perfection


It’s so easy to get paralyzed by doing everything perfectly. I've struggled (and still do!) with this for years. Unfortunately, the attempt at perfection can really slow down or halt your progress.  If you have a set back, don’t wait until the next Monday, jump right back on the wagon and without feeling bad, get back to your task at hand…improving your life.


My favourite strategy is whenever I eat an off-track, less healthy meal, instead of feeling guilty or beating myself up, I make sure the very next meal is extremely nutrient dense. This way I get the momentum going again.



4. Give Them Something to Talk About


Want a quick and easy way to add accountability? Start telling people about your plan. We're really great at letting ourselves down, but when someone else is counting on us to hold up our end of the bargain, an extra layer of accountability is added.


Enroll them into your vision.  Not only will they ask you about it and help keep you on track, but there’s a chance your leadership may even inspire them to join the mix and start taking charge of their own life.



5. Find a Mentor or Coach


We know that success leaves clues and that the best of the best in all areas of life have coaches. Whether it is a mentor-student relationship or you actually hire a coach or trained professional, one thing is for sure, finding someone or a team of people who have “been there and done that” can short cut your time and efforts significantly. Working with the right people can save you the pain and cost of choosing the wrong path and help accelerate your success beyond measure.


I hope these steps are helpful in making 2019 your absolute best, and healthiest, year yet.



-Dr. Jenna




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