Succession Planning: The Final Step

LifeWorks Studio chiropractic practice is now in the final stages of transitioning all clinical responsibilities

from Dr. Bruce to Dr. Jenna. Feedback on our efforts to make this transition smooth and seamless has been

very positive. It seems people have appreciated the steps we have taken to ensure their chiropractic care

continues at the level they have been enjoying. From the start of this process our main goal has been

making sure Dr. Jenna is familiar with everyone’s chiropractic history and Dr. Bruce has been passing on as

much historical knowledge and “insider” information as possible.

Now it’s time for Dr. Bruce to take that big step out the door!

Wednesday December 18th will be Dr. Bruce’s last clinic day and we would love for you to join us in wishing

him well and say goodbye. We will have food, beverages, a signing book and photo collection of our

favourite memories over the years.

A personal note from Dr. Bruce:

I don’t think it’s possible to fully express the gratitude I have for so many people. Jennifer and I came to

Guelph in 1990 not knowing anyone. We have been so very fortunate to have met so many amazing

people and developed so many awesome friendships, many started right here in this practice.

This community supported us living a dream: raising a family and building a chiropractic practice in a

welcoming place that gave us space to lay down our roots. To help so many people on their healing

journeys has been an incredible privilege and humbling experience. It has shaped the person I have

become and, it’s been a wonderful ride!

All I ever wanted to create was a practice that cared for families using the basic principles of chiropractic

care. I have always kept these words, attributed to Emerson, at the core of my life and practice: “To know

that one life has breathed easier because you have lived, this is to have succeeded.” There wasn’t a day go

by in my clinical career that I did not feel I had succeeded, many times over!

It has been said that a successful mountain climbing expedition includes safely summiting AND safely

arriving back at base camp. The same can be said of practices. Several years ago I began envisioning what

a successful practice transition would look like. Some of the components were: the right people; the right

timing; maintaining focus on sustaining excellent patient care; and, ample time to nurture the transition. I

think we have exceeded our goals and I feel confident that we have done our best to get everyone back to

base camp, ready for the next climb.

I am heartily thankful that Dr. Jenna’s and my paths crossed when they did. The relationship we forged was

based on the common vision of sustaining excellent chiropractic care to this community. Now it’s time to

fully hand things over!

After 30 years, I’m ready for a rest from clinical work. But, I’ve still got lots of mountains I’d like to climb! I

will be maintaining my role as Director of Professional Practice for the College of Chiropractors of Ontario.

I’ll be keeping my hand in helping to assist future generations of chiropractors provide excellent

chiropractic care to the people they serve.


Thank you for trusting me all these years and I wish everyone the best of health, happiness and success.

Dr. Bruce

Starting January 2, 2020, the LifeWorks Studio Chiropractic Office hours will be:

Monday: 2-6pm with Dr. Jenna

Tuesday: 8am-Noon with Dr. Jenna

Thursday: 2-6pm with Dr. Jenna

Friday: 8am-Noon with Dr. Jenna

Dr. Bruce and Dr. Jenna remain committed to do what it takes to make the transition of your care a success

and we look forward to continuing the work we started over three years ago. If you have any questions, ask!




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